International Students with a global mindset

Graduates with a solid education and global mindset are a hot commodity in the international community. Academic achievement in secondary achievement may be the foothold into a good international post-secondary institution, but surviving and thriving as an international student will require a few more qualities.


Culture is central to the experience of living in an environment different from one's own. International students at North American educational institutions will certainly be faced with the challenges of both cultural and social adjustments on top of pursuing their post-secondary academic studies.


Working with our partner TranswebGlobal, CultureShift provides a unique "guided development" experience for international students.

Challenges considered



Academic success as an international student is not guaranteed, even after acceptance into the institution of your choice. Social and cultural challenges have to be considered in order to both live and thrive in a new setting.


  • Psychological coping patterns are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices experienced academically, socially, and culturally, without the normal support and encouragement of family and friends.


  • Although English Language skills may have met academic testing requirements, everyday usage -- 24/7 – and many different accents among fellow students and lecturers, may produce mental fatigue, leading to missing key points in lectures and announcements.


  • Although North Americans are often friendly and welcoming to international students, sometimes their "openness and political correctness” can be socially and culturally uncomfortable.


  • The details of housing arrangements, noise level in the dormitory, different means of transportation, too many choices and decisions to make, can be mind boggling, particularly in the first few crucial months.

Guided Development Pathway



In responding to these challenges our partnership with TransWebGlobal allows us to build a personal Guided Development Pathway for each international student we work with.


  • We investigate Career Interests and Personality Traits with each of our students.


  • Our webinar, Developing a Global Mindset provides an introduction to social and cultural factors for students considering overseas study.


  • Cultural Intelligence for Study Abroad is a more in-depth webinar for students preparing to move internationally. 

International Students

Navigating academic, social, and cultural environments

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