Business Professionals

Engaging in effective interaction across cultures 


Global leaders responding effectively to cultural diversity 

Business professionals may have mastered their professional language and skill-set, but still have a difficult time communicating. Each of us has an invisible set of rules that we operate by. That set of rules, or “software of the mind” is shaped by the cultural environments that we have been raised in.


Making sense of this ‘software of the mind’ is what CultureShift brings to the table. Communication and knowledge exchange are key processes in the business world. This is where developing intercultural competence adds value to any business professional – the ability to communicate and function effectively when engaging with persons from cultures different from one’s own.



“Despite popular beliefs to the contrary,

the single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture.”

Edward T Hall, Hidden Differences

Challenges considered



Many business professionals are working with colleagues and clients from cultures different from their own -- and who share information through their own cultural frameworks. Understanding how to make the most of an information exchange, when intercultural communication skills are required, can make a significant difference in ensuring that “actual” needs and project context are understood.  


CultureShift's Professional Development seminars build competence in communicating effectively with clients and co-workers from diverse backgrounds, via increased self-awareness, experience-based training, personalized coaching, and targeted consulting. 

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