What we do

Organizations in the global economy require personnel that understand and respond to the challenge of leading in a culturally diverse environment. It is more important than ever that leaders be aware of cultural differences and understand how to leverage them for effective performance. CultureShift learning solutions address the development of this kind of global skillset from pre-university career and education choices, through to human resource development of global business leaders. Our team has the experience and the tools to meet your needs.

Dan Sheffield


B.A., M.R.E., McMaster University, Canada 


Dan is a Canadian intercultural educator and facilitator with extensive international experience, having lived in Egypt and South Africa. He provides training and consulting services to multicultural work teams in such diverse locations as Hungary, Mexico, Niger, Ghana, The Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Taiwan.


Dan has a post-grad Certificate in Intercultural Studies from UBC and a Certificate in Adult Learning and Development from the University of Toronto. He has conducted cross-cultural orientation for student study-abroad programs and international development personnel for many years. Besides background in education and publishing, Dan is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory

Melanie O'Sullivan


Melanie is a Montreal native who launched her professional career in Toronto. Over the last 15 years, she has honed her skills as an Account Manager in Print and Photography Advertising Production with a focus on Project Management.  Having a passion for organization through Project Management,  Melanie has taken her skills and applied them in many industries, most recently Interior Design.


Melanie is currently a Project Manager at Culture Shift, is taking Project Management Certification courses at Ryerson University, and will shortly write the PMP exam. 

Syam Chandra


B.Eng., University of Kerala, India 


Syam is a Project Manager, now settled in Canada. With an Electronics Engineering background, he has extensive involvement in the IT industry including software design, outsourcing technologies and business development. With life experience in the Middle East, United States and Canada, as well as project development in other centres such as The Philippines, Syam brings a unique knowledge of the interplay between culture and the globalized business environment. For a number of years Syam has worked as a student guidance counsellor and international education facilitator.

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