CQ for Study Abroad
Career & Personality

Our Career Interest tool is designed to help high school students identify

suitable career outcomes that match their personal interests based on assessment responses. No career planning tool can, by itself, provide a singular and definitive evaluation of a person's career opportunities. Our counselors interact with students about the significance and value of their results for their educational decisions.


A simple examination of Personality Traits can be a helpful self-awareness tool for high school students. Our counselors help students think about how personality might relate to education and career decisions.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) for Study Abroad

This webinar takes an in-depth view of the social and cultural dimensions of international student life – those things that go beyond the classroom, enabling the student to both live and thrive in a different cultural environment.

  • Aspects of life beyond the classroom

  • Importance of Cultural Intelligence

  • Cultural Intelligence self-assessment… How am I going to do?

  • Steps for Adequate Cultural Preparation



Global Mindset is a way of describing acquired abilities which help a person function with "cultural fluency." We provide Guided Development assignments for high school students who participate in Student Enrichment Programs via Transitions Lab, these are designed to provoke reflection upon the preparations needed for entering into and adjusting to, a different cultural and social environment.



Developing a Global Mindset

Guided Development Pathway​


Graduates with a solid education and global mindset are a hot commodity in the international community. Academic achievement in secondary education may be the foothold into a good international post-secondary institution, but surviving and thriving as an international student will require a few more qualities.


In partnership with TransWebGlobal, our counselors begin working with students from Grade Nine onward, as they prepare both academically and culturally for post-secondary studies abroad. Our counselors build a relationship with our students as they consider their coursework and career options while also participating in mind and experience-expanding international study opportunities.

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